A little about me

  • Josh Richards

I am 48 year old business man that loves the adventure of traveling opposite of the tourists. At one time I kept a boat on the amazon river in Iquitos Peru, where I would fly in and spend several weeks at a time exploring different tributaries while camping on the river. Wow theirs lots of fun story’s their but lets move on. Now my Bmw gs 1200 motorcycle has become my new wings of flight for adventure. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart Jaquetta for 27 years. Our son Talon River is 16. Yesterday he said he needed larger pants. I handed him a pair of mine they fit. That night when we were wrestling he twisted my right knee, which had been dislocated years ago in a little motorcycle mishap. Anyway I”v decided that hes gotten to big to play with. My wife likens us to our two bulls testing each other, where as the older one has a hurt knee and walks like me with a limp. I love my family very much. We live on a small ranch in a small town, Taylor Texas. A common question I get when telling of my adventures is what does your wife think? well I’ve been traveling out  the country since I was 18 when I left home. I think that if she saw me acting any other way than I do she would be saddened knowing that I am not happy unless I am going somewhere new or planing for it. She is the only one for me. Fine lady.